7 Things Every Woman Should Know About Trekking During Periods
Trekking During Periods

Keeping yourself cheerful during periods is a herculean task, let alone completing an entire trek. However, there are many braveheart women who attempt trekking even when on periods. While periods are tad too uncomfortable for some women, there are ladies who don’t feel an iota of pain. If you’re one among those or if you’re planning to go on a trek during periods then it’s better you do your homework first. Doing physical activities during periods is not as easy as they show in those TV commercials. It requires a lot of resilience and preparation, of course. With proper measures and hacks, your hike can go as hassle-free as it would sans periods. So here we go ladies.

Write down these important things to know if you’re planning a hike during periods.

1. Ditch the sanitary napkins and opt for tampons

Sanitary napkins are prone to getting wet while crossing a river or during rains. However, this is not the case with tampons. They don’t get misaligned or wet even during strenuous physical activities. Also, their volume is less as compared to pads thus they take much lesser room in your bags. If you’re up for exploring new options, then you can go for Diva Cups. They are silicone-based menstrual cups that are entirely leak-proof. The best part is that they can be washed and reused.

2. Carry wet wipes

You will not get bathrooms while on trek. Going without showers during your periods can be cumbersome and unhygienic. The best you can do is carry a pack of wet wipes with you to clean your sweat areas. If you want to go eco-friendly, carry a handkerchief. You can wet it and use it clean yourself.

3. Carry extra pair of pants

While trekking on periods, there are high chances of your pants getting messy. Hence, we advise you to carry extra pair of pants. Prefer to wear dark pants as stains won’t be much visible on them. Avoid wearing white pants. They are a big no-no during periods. For the t-shirts, you can rinse your sweaty t-shirts when you find water and reuse them.

4. Do not dispose off used sanitary napkins on the hills

The last thing you would want to do is pollute the beauty of hills. The sanitary napkins made up of plastics will lie there for million years. It is advisable to carry ziplocks to put your used sanitary pads in it. Roll them tightly and keep them back into your bag. When you reach your city, dispose them off properly. For this reason, it is always better to use Diva Cups. There would be no hassles of carrying disposed napkins in your bag.

5. Stack pain killer medicines for SOS

You may be having painless periods your entire life but there are chances that you might cramps while trekking. Be prepared for such situations. Carry pain killer medicines with you. Pop a pill if you feel discomfort. Also carry Tulsi Tea Bags to make a handy concoction while on the go. Hot water can be easily made available even on the top.

6. Wear loose clothes

Wearing tight jeans or pants while trekking is uncomfortable. And when you’re on your periods, you have to be extra careful about your comfort. Tight clothes will not only increase the chances of menstrual cramps but will also make your uncomfortable down there. Hence, it is best that you wear comfortable cotton pants which are dark in colour.

7. Avoid taking caffeine

When you’re trekking and tired, it’s hard to give into the temptations of having rounds of coffee and tea. But, when on periods avoid taking too much caffeine. It can aggravate your menstrual bleeding and increase cramps. Rely only on herbal tea or green tea for refreshment. Also avoid taking too spicy food. You can have light snacks like Poha, Bun Butter, Muffins, Bread Omelette and Boiled Eggs during trekking.


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