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Nag Tibba belongs to the Nag Tibba Range of Lesser Himalayas, which also includes the Dhauladhar and the Pirpanjal Ranges. Nag Tibba is the highest peak of this range, standing tall at 3,022 meters (9,915 ft). From this peak, one can see the whole of Bandarpoonch ranges of the Great Indian Hmalayas. While local villagers frequent the temple atop the Nag Tibba Peak to offer prayers to the Snake God, tourists and trekkers visit the Nag Tibba as it offers an adventurous trek and a superb climate. The picturesque peak of Nag Tibba is located around 57 kms from Mussourie and 16 kms from the Landour Cantonment, in the the Tehri Garhwal region of Uttarakhand.

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Day 1 – Dehradun – Panthwari- Camp 1, Khaitan

Approximate time – 3-4 hours journey from Dehradun to Panchwari, 5-6 hours trek from Panchwari to Camp 1.

Altitude – Panthwari – 4,642 ft/ 1,415 m; Camp 7,627 ft/2,325 m.

Tips – The first and second water resource being 1.5 and 3 km from Panchwari, respectively, its advised to carry ample water from the beginning.

Trek Gradient – Moderate. The trail has long patches of loose stones; however, it is a gradual ascent throughout. The trail is clearly demarcated by the Forest Department.

The starting point for the trek is the village of Panthwari, which is about 85 km from Dehradun railway station and amounts to a 4 hour road journey. Start from Dehradun and reach Panthwari via Mussourie, Kempty Falls, Yamuna bridge and Nainbagh falling enroute. Once you reach the Nainbagh main market, head for the Nag Tibba Road which goes up on the right-hand side. Drive for another 12 kms to finally reach the Panthwari village. From here, we proceed to Khatian which is about 4.5 kms from Panthwari. Starting from a cemented trail, we move on to crossing a rocky trail soon before reaching a motorable road in about 10 minutes from it. Cross the road and reach the trail that goes up the mountain in a steep ascent, go on with crossing about 3 more such roads. Soon you will come across a stream which will lead to the quaint Panthwari village. Head up to the ridge connecting the Nag Tibba and village and walk for another 20 minutes. Post that there is a climb of about 20 more minutes, after which you will come across a T Junction. Head right and walk for another 30 minutes. This pleasant trail takes you to the second water point, crossing which you will reach a forested trail that requires a steep climb of 20-30 minutes. Soon you will reach your camp sight, Khaitan.


Day 2 – Camp 1 – Nag Tibba Summit – Bhatwadi – Panthwari – Dehradun

Approximate time – 2 hours from Camp to Summit; 3 hours for descent.

Altitude – 7,627 ft (2,325 m) to 9,915 ft (3,022 m) via 8,530 ft (2,600 m)

Tips – While leaving Camp 1, it is advised to carry a minimum of 2 litres of water.

Trek Gradient – Moderate. The trek to Nag Tibba base is 1 hour of gradual ascent and 10 minutes of steep climb; climb to the summit is steep.

The target is to rise early to be able to cover 5 hours of climb and descent. Starting from Camp 1, head to the (well-defined) trail that leads into the thick forest. After walking for about 20-30 minutes, you will reach Nag Tibba base which consists of an open patch of land and further up, another patch of land which 15-20 minutes is about ahead of it. Once you reach the Nag Tibba Base after a steep ascent of 10 miutes, you will spot the Nag Tibba temple. Walk ahead on a steep incline for about 1 km to enter the dense forest, post which there are four more of such steep climbs once you reach the forest. Summers are relatively easier for this climb as winters see a lot of snow which makes the climbing highly challenging. Climb straight ahead for about an hour and a half to reach a trail and a curve towards the ridge. Walking further to reach an open patch, you will reach an open patch of and spot the highest point of the summit by locating a ‘flag’. Once here, feel blessed with astounding views of the Deolsari and Devalsari villages on one side and the Himalayan Ranges of Swargrohini, Bandarpoonch, kala Nag, Srikanta and Gangotri on the other side. Soak in the views, relax and enjoy the moment before heading for your descent which involves going through a forest trail for 45 minutes till you start walking along a stream. Keep walking and you will reach a clearing called Moriana which is a beautiful place to relax and take some pictures. Once you start from Moriana, head for the trail that goes into the dense forest and walk for about one and half hour. As you enter a plain area, walk ahead for about 45-55 minutes to reach Bhatwadi village. From Bhatwadi village, proceed towards Panthwari which is about 8 kms. Upon reaching Panthwadi, make you way back to Dehradun.

Nag tibba trek

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