10 Basic Tent Etiquette One Should Remember On A Trek
tent Etiquettes

Your heart is full of thrill and excitement when you’re going on a trek. But amid this adrenaline rush, you should always remember some basic etiquettes of sharing a tent with someone. Even with your tentmate is also your friend, you should always be careful that you don’t make his/her stay troublesome. If you want to become that perfect tentmate, then you’re at the right place.

In this blog, we have collated a simple guide on how to avoid common mistakes and follow basic etiquettes while sharing a tent with someone.

1. Keep the tent clear and hygienic

You like to live in the filth? Cool. But it’s not necessary that the person you’re sharing your tent with is also in love with dirt. Hence, you should keep the tent clear. Or at least make sure that you don’t make it dirty. Don’t unpack your bag in the tent and then leave your things around. Tents usually have limited space and that’s not for your belongings.

2. Don’t dry your wet clothes on the tent

The best way to dry your clothes when on trek is a makeshift clothing line. Carry a rope and you will be good. Make a makeshift stand using sticks and tie a rope between them. Dry your clothes on them and NOT on the tent. The wet patches will degrade the fabric of the tent.

3. Don’t take your socks and shoes inside the tent

Would you like to wake up to the sight of someone’s shoes and socks staring at your face? Similarly, no one wants to do a smell test for your sweaty socks and shoes. Keep your shoes and socks outside the tent. If you have feet odour issues, it’s better to wash your feet and then enter the tent. In case there’s no water, use hand sanitizer to deodorize your feet.

4. Make sure that you’re not sweaty

Even if it’s cold outside, trekking and strenuous physical activities make you sweat even if you don’t notice. It’s not possible to take shower at such height, but you can always clean yourself with wet tissues. Use deodorant repeatedly.

5. Don’t play loud music

Just like you don’t force your food down anyone’s throat, you shouldn’t force your music down anyone’s ears. We can understand that the scenic beauty of mountains compel you to listen to some good music. Carry your earphones and play your music in whatever volume you want. If your tentmate is your friend, play the music but on standard volume.

6. Don’t enter someone else’s tent without permission

It’s doesn’t seem nice if you walk into someone else’s tent without shouting their name out. You should respect everyone’s privacy and ask before entering someone’s tent. If they’re not responding then come back later.

7. Be responsible, leave no garbage behind

After you’ve done camping, leave the place exactly like you took it. Don’t leave the plastic waste like water bottles, disposable, clothes, cigarette butts behind. Follow the law. If you’re a smoke, be careful while smoking. FYI: Most of the forest fires are started by the cigarette butts left over by the campers. Be a responsible human being and make sure you douse the butt with your foot before throwing it away.

8. Don’t dig trenches around your tent

Some people dig trenches around their tent to keep it safe from wild animals. However, this practice spoils the ground and makes it unsafe for other campers who come after you. These dug open grounds are open invitations to accidents.

9. Be kind to the wild animals

Remember, it’s their land and you’re just a guest. You’ve got no rights to treat them badly. Even if you don’t love animals, you don’t need to be cruel to them. However, this doesn’t mean that you can feed them. You should never feed the wild animals. Avoid getting too close to these animals.

10. Be friendly

There’s no point of camping in the wild if you’re imprudent towards people. People usually travel to explore new culture and make new friends. If someone else is also camping near you, offer them food if you have plenty for courtesy’s sake.


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