An Unforgettable Trek To Kareri Lake- One Of The Most Stunning Lake Treks In Himachal Pradesh
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I was in Himachal Pradesh for couple of days, been to Kareri village and Minianki pass trek. Its my third trek in Himachal Pradesh. Each and everytime I visit Himachal, it does not fail to surprise me with her beauty. I was overwhelmed being in the lap of nature for couple of days.

As I am not blessed with good writing skills, so no fancy & philosophical words just sharing experience in my own way as I like to share experience always when I am back from a trek or a trip.

Kareri Lake trek or the Kumarwah Lake is one of the most stunning lake treks in Himachal Pradesh

Kareri lake standing tall at an altitude of 3,300m above the sea level. With the melting snow of the Dhauladhar Range as the source of water, this quaint lake and the terrain that leads to it entices trekkers from different corners of the world. While the Dhauladhar Range adds to the mesmeric appeal of this lake, the fact that it remains frozen during early December to March/April serves as the main attraction of this trek.

The Kareri Lake trekking took me through lush forests, narrow terrains, whirly passes, scenic meadows and much more. Adding more, I cant forget the touch of the solid rock, the smell of the Himalayan flowers the Soothing sound of the water falls. This trek took me through a journey of some of the unknown parts of this region. Got a chance to explore the vivid flora and fauna as I keep continuing my trek.

I decided to continue my trek through lush green meadows, wild and colourful orchards and thick forest that is home to numerous Himalayan birds and animal species. While trekking, I came across a lot of beautiful campsites. This trek was magical because I was so close to nature while clicking some of the best shots.

I have witnessed a huge variety of terrains on this trek, ranging from straight roads to river crossings over wooden bridges, and steep ascents.

After 8 to 9 kms of trekking there was a time when I looked back, I realised I was all alone in the mountain

Due to my weight issues I could not match the timing with others. It was thrilling experience. I was shivering and scared. I came across with a giant cave, it was literally huge in size. I looked 360 degree angle I felt the silence, only one sound coming from the giant cave similar to a rattle snake. Something mysterious has happened because it made me stare at the cave for long time , when I realised this, I could not even stay for a minute. I drank water and decided to go up and continue the trekking. After climbing five minutes I realised I have started hallucinating. I was very scared the only solution was to destruct my mind, I started singing ‘Mera Bhola hai Bhandari’ by Baba Hanshraj Raghuwanshi as this song has some energy in it. Apparently it became my favourite song.

After arriving at the top of the mountain I saw Kareri lake. So beautiful so silent so peaceful. Yet again nature made me amazed with her scenic beauty and greenery everywhere. I was mesmerised. I spent amazing night in tents at the lakeside in chilling weather, got little upset because it was raining through out the day. Initially sky was cloudy, I remember telling my friend I cant afford to miss star gazing at night. But eventually I was fortunate enough that I stargazed through out the night, the sky was so clear and the stars were so luminous.

On the second day my plan was to trek Minianki pass snow trekking, which was around 7km uphill from Kareri lake. After 15 to 16 km of trekking in a day to Kareri lake my legs had given up. I was having breathing problem, my legs were swelling, so I could not properly experience the snow at Minianki pass but no regrets as I already had a splendid experience of Kareri lake trekking.

Over all experience was great. A big shoutout to Travel N Trek and our guide Älex Suketia for this amazing arrangement & experience. Loved your home made food (Parontha and Anchar) made by aunty (Älex Suketia’s mother).

And a special thanks to my friends Payel Mohanto and others who had been very kind and helpful throughout the journey.

Edited by team Travel N Trek and published with permission. Read original post here.

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