While we enjoy the tranquillity of the mountains and take a lot back home, we leave a lot behind out there. We’re not talking about your heart that resides in the hills. We are pointing towards the trash we leave shamelessly behind in the mountains. In fact, every year heaps of plastic trash is cleaned by the local authorities from the mountains. A lot of the waste remains lying there, waiting for billion years to decompose. Our primary concern here is leaving behind the minimum impact on the environment while travelling. We constantly talk about the beautiful locales of the hills but seeing them get destroyed by the travellers is the last thing we would like to see.

Here are some suggestions for you and as the mindful creatures of the human species, we request you to follow them without fail.

• Carry your rubbish until you find the trash can. Do not litter the place even if you don’t find a dustbin.

• Do not attend to the nature’s call in the open. We admit that toilets are sparse in the hills, but use only toilets to relieve yourself as much as possible.

• If you don’t find a toilet, go behind a bush, dig a hole and then relieve yourself. Bury your waste after finishing.

• Do not wash your clothes in the stream water. Do not use detergents. Detergents are non-biodegradable, avoid using them in natural streams.

• Be respectful to the natural environment. Do not disturb others’ tranquillity by talking loudly and howling.

• If you find anyone littering the place, politely ask them not to do it. Bring the guides to notice if they still don’t listen.

• Be kind to animals around you. Remember, you’re at their place, not them.

• Do not use disposable glasses for drinks. It’s better if you carry your own reusable utensils and use them again and again.

• Before leaving the campsite, be sure that you extinguish the bonfire. You won’t want to start a wildfire.

• Avoid smoking cigarettes in the hills. Even if you, carry the butts in a small bag with you. The scenic beauty of the mountains don’t deserve to be spoiled by such nuisances.